Jim & Marsha Cassada

Koonkazachey, Oklahoma       

At the Haystack  in western Oklahoma with Jim’s Harley Davidson 1999 Heritage Softail Classic.

Our home in August, 2016.  We like to take a picture every year at the same time to see changes.

Roy & Stephanie on their 15th Anniversary

 Charlie, Adam, Isabella, Violet, Penelope, William, Madilynn

Summer 2016

1947 Minneapolis Moline RTU. Jarod made the trailer.

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Roy, Marsha, Jarod, Jim

Mother’s Day 2017

The latest project:  a pergola on the patio.  Jim designed it and built it.

Oklahoma County quilt with “Road To Oklahoma” pattern

Shelley & Jarod. 

Wildlife visitors to our mountain: auodads

The General Franks Memorial Day parade