Jim & Marsha Cassada

        Koonkazachey,  Oklahoma       

At the Haystack  in western Oklahoma with Jim’s Harley Davidson 1999 Heritage Softail Classic.

Our home in August, 2019.  We like to take a picture every year at the same time to see changes.

 Jewell’s 91st birthday at Simon’s Catch.  Jim, William, Charlie, Isabella, Marsha, Violet, Penelope, Madilynn, Roy, Stephanie, Sherri, Marilyn

Jarod, Janet, Paul

Charlie, Jewell, Peggy

Rite of Election at Our Lady of Perpetual Help cathedral.  March, 2020.

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Our 47th anniversary, 2019.

Jim, Jarod, William, Adam & Roy.  Adam’s graduation from Oklahoma Christian University.  He earned a degree in accounting.

Jarod and Shelley with the  motor home on their way to Canada.  November, 2019

Marsha and Dapper Dan visiting the Hobart Nursing home.

Some wildlife on our mountain—aoudads.